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“No one is going to give you permission to be powerful. Only you can claim it.”

– Sharon Balsamo

I see you. I see beauty, wisdom, and strength.

Can you feel it stirring in you? Can you feel it nudging you awake, ready to rise with the sun and shine your magic into the world?

Where are the places you feel wounded, broken, and battered? Where does your shame live? Your worry? Your belief that you aren’t enough?

How does your inner critic speak to you? Do you exhaust yourself, berate yourself, deprive yourself for her? Do you believe she will someday be satisfied if you just try a little harder?

Can you hear the inner Wise Woman whispering in your ear, speaking the truth that lives deep in your bones, that your life is supposed to feel better than this? In fact, it’s supposed to be amazing, expansive, and full of possibility and power?

Those dark, broken places are yearning to heal. They are calling out for you to show up, do the work, and come out on the other side more powerful than you can imagine. What stands in your way? Do you fear what you will find if you confront the barriers within you?

My love, don’t fear it. Your Wise Woman is reaching to take your hand, to show you those inner barriers and expose them, to shine the light of radical love and acceptance, to dismantle and destroy anything that stands in the way of deep self-love and pure joy.

This is the path to true freedom and true power. When you choose it, you will find courage in yourself that you didn’t know was there. You will crack, you will shatter, you will burn, and you will rise from the ashes and learn to fly.

And when you fly, you will never come back down.

It’s time to RISE. Are you ready?

Journey | Journal: Reflections, Truth & More

Dream Into Being

We are the dreamers We are the visionaries We are the boat rockers The wave makers The justice seekers We are the healers The wise ones The teachers Our medicine comes through our words Our hands Our songs Our love for the Earth and all beings We are remembering our...

Rattling Bones

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There is a rift in my heart; it lays between myself and my home. I feel the longing for it, not knowing where it is exactly. Florida, the land where I was born; Swampy and damp, Mosquitoes rising out of sandy hills My mother was raised here; poor and motherless...

It's not about whether you are doing something right or wrong.

Forget right and wrong.

Ask yourself: “does it serve me? Is it moving me towards my desire or away?” You have power over your thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors. Do they serve you, or work against you? Are you living in true alignment with your values or living a life you think others expect of you?

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Client Experience

“Sharon has an amazing magical energy – every time I go to an event she is hosting, I am always blown away by Sharon’s insights and the personal discoveries that come from her events. It gives me a kind of spiritual and witchy high and that energized feeling stays with me for weeks.

Sharon’s retreat was thoughtful, organized, and perfectly calibrated to the group. She allowed us to linger where we needed to, or go faster if the group was ready to move on. I entered the space and immediately felt safe, and left feeling empowered and ready for action.”

– Darlene Veenhuizen

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