transformational coaching – counseling – magic

I feel your soul stirring in your belly

a soft flame, it is warm and comforting a deep knowing

you are meant for something greater than this.

The fire within flutters grows And when we meet another soul See fire glowing in their belly it warms us

we know we are not alone.

We are the DREAMERS We are the VISIONARIES We are the HEALERS The wave makers The wise ones Justice seekers and peace keepers We are the teachers and the artists Mothers and ministers Showing a new way We weave our dreams into the fabric of the world As the world calls us forward asking for our stories and our tears and our dancing

for this is our medicine

we weave our soul fire into the essence of everything we are

We are remembering our power.

We are expanding into it Spreading our wings and deepening our roots Conjuring ~ creating ~ connecting ~ calling forth BEAUTY LOVE TRUTH Without apology We will no longer be still Or silent Or small Or afraid We will no longer say yes when we want to say no and we will no longer say no to ourselves and our dreams and the deep desires crackling

out of the fire in our bellies

we will tend to them lovingly feed them with bits of bark and grass until they are roaring mightily as we stand fully in our power

we dream the world into being

create the world we wish to live in gathering around our shared fire remembering ourselves remembering each other

remembering the magic


this is our journey.

“No one is going to give you permission to be powerful. Only you can claim it.”

– Sharon Balsamo

It's not about whether you are doing something right or wrong.

Forget right and wrong.

Ask yourself: “does it serve me? Is it moving me towards my desire or away?” You have power over your thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors. Do they serve you, or work against you? Are you living in true alignment with your values or living a life you think others expect of you?

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Client Experience

“Sharon has an amazing magical energy – every time I go to an event she is hosting, I am always blown away by Sharon’s insights and the personal discoveries that come from her events. It gives me a kind of spiritual and witchy high and that energized feeling stays with me for weeks. Sharon’s retreat was thoughtful, organized, and perfectly calibrated to the group. She allowed us to linger where we needed to, or go faster if the group was ready to move on. I entered the space and immediately felt safe, and left feeling empowered and ready for action.”

– Darlene Veenhuizen