We are the dreamers
We are the visionaries
We are the boat rockers
The wave makers
The justice seekers

We are the healers
The wise ones
The teachers
Our medicine comes through our words
Our hands
Our songs
Our love for the Earth and all beings

We are remembering our power
Breathing into it
Expanding into it
Learning to stand in it
without fear
Or apology

We are dreaming the world into being
Weaving our dreams into the fabric of a new world
We are creating
calling it forth
in beauty
in gratitude
in collaboration and inspiration

Our ancestors are here
The grandmothers at our backs
Guiding our steps,
Reminding us of who we really are
Of who they too had forgotten they were.

We are traveling.

We are crossing these lands,
Crossing oceans and continents
To return to our sacred places
They carry the secrets of our past

We gather our skirts,
toes digging into the earth
with each step we take
Moving with purpose
We know where we are going

We are remembering.

We are dreaming the new world into being.