giving back

Welcome to my Donations page!

I am now donating a percentage of everything I make in my business to causes that are improving the state of the world and offering healing where it matters most to me. For now, this quarterly tithe is how I contribute to reparations for the harm done by White/Colonialist settlers to Indigenous and Black People in this country. I am including the links to the causes to which I am donating, in case you are also looking for meaningful and transformational organizations to offer reparations.

The Chúush Fund: Water for Warm Springs

The Warm Springs Reservation in Central Oregon has been lacking access to clean, safe water since Summer of 2019. They need about $200 million to repair the infrastructure to provide water to the community again. We Central Oregonians are now occupying the land the Warm Springs Tribe, the Wasco Tribe, and the Northern Paiute Tribe historically lived on. It is important for us to support these communities in having access to clean, safe water.

The Loveland Foundation

The Loveland Foundation was created by Rachel Cargle in 2018 to provide free counseling and therapy services to Black women and other women of color. Therapy right now is inaccessible for too many folks, whether it’s cost, lack of access to good health insurance, a shortage of therapists who understand the psychological effects of oppression and intersectionality, or lack of welcoming spaces for women of color to feel safe, understood, and supported.

Other local organizations I support:

The Central Oregon Diversity Project

The Central Oregon Diversity project has been fighting racism on the front lines here in Central Oregon. Kerstin Arias and Josie Stanfield are amazing, powerful, inspiring Black women leading the charge to change the toxic white supremacy that is poisoning our community. Lift them up, support them, stand with them! Donate at: Venmo @Central-OregonDP
Cashapp is $CentralOregonDP

Book Birth

As many of you know, my writing is my true passion and where I weave my most potent magic. In August 2020, I committed to bringing my writing forth into book form, and I am currently in the process of doing just that. If you have enjoyed my writing, if you have felt a shift from reading it, if you’d like to hold it in your hands and share it with others, I invite you to donate to support the process of getting it ready to publish.