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It’s time to bust out of the old paradigm and build a life that is joyful, abundant, empowered and filled with possibility. I’m here with you every step of the way.

Workbook + Meditations

Practical tools to craft your own powerful practice! Coming soon.

Manifestation Mentorship

magic – mentorship – community

Receive guidance, coaching and support to awaken your own unique magic, stir the cauldron of your desire and call forth your best life! A 3-month commitment will give clarity to your desires, help us clear the obstacles, and weave powerful magic to manifest your greatest intentions! 

A 3-month Mentorship includes:

  • complimentary 45-minute intro session (to ensure goodness of fit for both parties)
  • two 90 minute sessions per month (in person or via zoom—this is where we will craft your intentions, clear blockages, and gain clarity on your path and purpose)
  • a weekly card pull to support you on your journey
  • custom spells and rituals designed for you to come into your power and manifest your desires
  • foundational spellcraft instruction to create your own spells in the future
  • follow up sessions available as needed (not included in initial fee)

Due to the intensive nature of these Mentorships, I only take on a few clients at a time, so I can give you my deepest attention and care during your transformation.

Clients who work with me often report:

  • Pure shock and sweet surprise at watching their intentions manifest before their eyes! 
  • Lower anxiety and greater confidence in dealing with stress
  • Clarity of vision in what they want in their lives
  • Greater self-awareness and self-love
  • Connection to the Divine, their helping ancestors, and the Earth
  • Greater trust in themselves and their intuition
  • Synchronicity and a sense of things “falling into place” with little effort 

Please note: If you have a mental health issue such as severe depression, panic disorder, bi-polar, post-traumatic stress, addiction or an eating disorder that is currently untreated by a mental health professional, coaching with me is not right for you at this time. Those who are actively suicidal and/or self-harming are also not a good fit for coaching.

In-Person Group Coaching with Sharon

10-week Journey to the Self

A coaching group to support personal growth and empowerment, and to develop a strong spiritual practice that works for you. We will explore different empowering feminine archetypes, practice with tarot and oracle cards, connect with our guides, develop our intuition, play with magic, create rituals and ceremonies to transform our lives, learn how to work with the elements of earth, air, water, and fire, integrate and embrace our shadow, create fierce boundaries and awaken our inner badasses!

Thursday 9:30-11 am
Spring session: April 16 – June 18 (no group 5/28)
Summer session: July 16 – September 17 (no group 7/23)
Fall session: October 15 – December 17

10-week Goal Setting with Magic!

Do you need support creating and taking action on your goals? This group is perfect for entrepreneurs and business owners looking for concrete direction, actions steps and accountability to actualize the big dreams. You will receive weekly support and encouragement to bring those dreams to reality. We will also apply magical principles to support your action, which is tons of fun and actually helps activate the neuropathways you need to get in energetic alignment with your goals to call them into your life.

Mondays 9:30-11 am
Spring session: April 13 – June 15 (no group on Memorial day 5/25)
Summer session: July 13 – September 14 (no group on Labor day 9/7)
Fall session: October 12 – December 14


We are gathering the witches for the Autumn Equinox:

  • Activate and embody the empowering archetypes of Wolf, Witch, Priestess and Queen

  • Craft spells, weave magic, and connect with other badass powerful womxn!

  • Celebrate our connection to Mother Earth and all the elements through curated classes and experiences!

Dates: September 2020

Availability: Limited to 15 women only!

Location: Loloma Lodge on the McKenzie River

More information coming soon!


    A powerful modality for processing and integrating, I hold a sacred ceremonial container for you to rest, breathe, and be transformed. Those who have attended my breathwork experiences keep coming back, as they report moving through (and finding relief from) intense grief and other stuck emotions, coming to a place of self-love and acceptance, feeling uplifted and energized, connection with their ancestors and family and friends who have passed on, receiving profound clarity, guidance and transformative messages from the Divine. 

    Let's Talk.

    Schedule a complimentary 30 minute session with me. I want to hear where you are and where you want to go so I know how I can be of service to you. 

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