One-to-one Counseling & Coaching

with Sharon

Stir the cauldron of your desire and call forth your best life! Individual sessions will provide clarity, clear obstacles, and weave powerful magic to manifest your life in alignment with your highest purpose and wildest dreams.

Awaken the magic within you, create a solid spiritual practice, and heal old wounds that hold you back.

True healing and radical transformation require commitment. If you are ready to commit to up-leveling your life, contact me to set up a free initial consult.

One-on-one sessions include: 

  • Talk therapy and/or transformational coaching to process deep emotions, get clear on desires and create tangible action plans, and engage in shadow work to align you with your highest path 
  • Breathwork to move energy through and out of the body, oxygenate your cells and activate inner wisdom
  • Oracle and Tarot readings to receive guidance and insights from your higher self and personal spirit guides 
  • Spell work and personalized magic to give you tools to take out of session and incorporate into your daily rituals

Clients who work with me often report:

  • Pure shock and sweet surprise at watching their intentions manifest before their eyes! 
  • Lower anxiety and greater confidence in dealing with stress
  • Clarity of vision in what they want in their lives
  • Greater self-awareness and self-love
  • Connection to the Divine, their helping ancestors, and the Earth
  • Greater trust in themselves and their intuition
  • Synchronicity and a sense of things “falling into place” with little effort 

Please note: If you have a mental health issue such as severe depression, panic disorder, bi-polar, severe post-traumatic stress, addiction or an eating disorder that is currently untreated by a mental health professional, coaching with me is not right for you at this time. Those who are actively suicidal and/or self-harming are also not a good fit for coaching.


Healing and supportive meditations for grounding, energy clearing, connection to spirit, accessing your intuition and more.
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Podcast: The Inspired Healer

Manifesting mentorship with magic

We are Sharon Balsamo and Stacy Wilhelmsen: healers, coaches, and helpers working and living in Central Oregon. As we navigate our own personal work along with helping our clients, we were inspired to share our journeys and stories with you. The healing/helping field is changing, and it needs to. As a licensed therapist (Sharon) and a licensed educator (Stacy), we see the imbalances and injustices inherent in our respective fields and are working towards our own healing within to bring change to the external. As spiritual and life coaches, we understand the ways we internalize toxic beliefs and attitudes that have been passed down to us by this white supremacist, patriarchal and colonialist culture, and from there we create and perpetuate a reality that is unloving and harmful to people and the planet.

It is time to imagine, create and manifest a world that is loving, compassionate, centered on justice and equity for all its living beings and the planet itself. We are bringing the concepts of the divine feminine (collaboration, nurturing, reciprocity and receptivity) to the work of self-improvement and believe that when we do the work on ourselves, we can take action to change the world.

We also seek to bring inspiration to you, our listeners, to lift your spirits and spark joy and excitement in your own journey to healing and transformation. Thanks for joining us!!


Journey | Journal: Reflections, Truth & More

Rattling Bones

Rattling Bones

My ancestors are restless. They have been for a while now, but the intensity has been steadily increasing, especially as we enter the darkening time, the time when the veil thins and spirits come forth to share their stories, to be honored and remembered. Some offer...

There is a rift in my heart

There is a rift in my heart

There is a rift in my heart; it lays between myself and my home. I feel the longing for it, not knowing where it is exactly. Florida, the land where I was born; Swampy and damp, Mosquitoes rising out of sandy hills My mother was raised here; poor and motherless...

When I am most powerful, I will be unfuckablewith

When I am most powerful, I will be unfuckablewith

Yesterday was my 38th birthday. My greatest learning for the day was the difference between one whiskey and two whiskies to a 38-year-old body. It’s big.  I had another big learning yesterday as well. It was about connection.  Three years ago, I was fired and given...

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