The Inspired Healer podcast

Bold Conversations for Collective Evolution

We are Sharon Balsamo and Stacy Wilhelmsen: healers, coaches, and helpers working and living in Central Oregon. As we navigate our own personal work along with helping our clients, we were inspired to share our journeys and stories with you. The healing/helping field is changing, and it needs to. As a licensed therapist (Sharon) and a licensed educator (Stacy), we see the imbalances and injustices inherent in our respective fields and are working towards our own healing within to bring change to the external. As spiritual and life coaches, we understand the ways we internalize toxic beliefs and attitudes that have been passed down to us by this white supremacist, patriarchal and colonialist culture, and from there we create and perpetuate a reality that is unloving and harmful to people and the planet.

It is time to imagine, create and manifest a world that is loving, compassionate, centered on justice and equity for all its living beings and the planet itself. We are bringing the concepts of the divine feminine (collaboration, nurturing, reciprocity and receptivity) to the work of self-improvement and believe that when we do the work on ourselves, we can take action to change the world.

We also seek to bring inspiration to you, our listeners, to lift your spirits and spark joy and excitement in your own journey to healing and transformation. Thanks for joining us!!


Podcast Reviews


“I’ve been feeling a pull in this direction of spiritual healing for a few years now but with being a new mom, work & my procrastination skills have prevented me to take bigger steps so I was excited that this podcast came out since I do listen to podcasts & audiobooks on a regular basis; Its easier to fit it in my schedule. I felt like this was a sign to allow me to get some insight to healing. The first round of episodes inspired me & it was eye opening as well. I’ve been anxiously waiting for more episodes!”

– Escomountain via Apple Podcasts